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group plans: good for you, great for your employees

A 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Wellness plan does more than get your employees in shape. Healthy employees are happier employees. They feel better. They have more energy. They’re more productive. In turn, your organization increases employee retention and reduces absenteeism, which can ultimately improve the bottom line.

how our group plans work

We offer your employees memberships with no initiation fees and discounted monthly dues. Your company enjoys year-round open enrollment, with an annual fee based on your employee population. A 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Director will visit your office with all the necessary materials, making sign-up convenient for your employees.

start your group plan today

Our Corporate Wellness programs can help improve your bottom line. Take advantage of the plans used by industry leaders like Alaska Airlines, Nestle, Union Pacific Railroad, Enterprise Car Rental, Earthlink, Toshiba, MGM Grand, Southwest Airlines, Cisco Systems, ADP and many others.

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