Find Your Strength

Sculpt your body and strengthen your core with barre, Pilates or conditioning classes for every level. There’s simply no substitute for building strength that lasts.

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The signature LES MILLS® strength workout. Get fit fast. A total body workout perfect for every fitness level that uses light to moderate weights with lots of repetition to tone and shape your body without adding bulky muscles. You’ll leave feeling motivated and ready to come back for more.

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Tone and sculpt your body without impacting your joints. This popular water workout uses buoyant weights and noodles to deliver an awesome cardio and resistance workout. Dive in and experience it for yourself.

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Crunch Time

It’s not about the crunches. It’s about maximizing your core training with moves that matter. This class moves quickly: be prepared to work hard and work up a sweat as you gain the strength to move easier and rise to harder challenges.


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Tone, define and chisel your whole body with a high-energy fusion of Pilates, dance and yoga. Created by fitness celebrity Tracey Mallett, it’s the perfect way to develop strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre.

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Dare to go barreless. Using your body, a ball and a band, this workout combines barre floor and progressive conditioning to shape and lift your core. Inspirational coaching and innovative sequencing move you to give it your all for the perfect lower-body burn. Created for us by Tracey Mallett!

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Ballet Barre Workout

A ballet body for everyone. This ballet-inspired workout draws on techniques from yoga, Pilates and more to challenge, tone and lengthen every muscle, so you leave feeling strong and utterly energized.


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POP Pilates

Experience the ab-chiseling, total body defining moves of Pilates, choreographed to your favorite Top 40 hits. Created by YouTube fitness star Cassey Ho, this mat-based workout challenges you to flow from one exercise to the next, developing a rock-solid core and lean, strong muscles.

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Perfect your posture and total body toning. Designed to develop core strength and coordination, this class draws on traditional Pilates movement patterns, the use of breath and correct alignment, so you emerge poised and ready for anything the day throws your way.

PiYo Strength

Create strength from the core out. Using the body to create resistance, this athletic fusion of yoga and Pilates moves quickly and powerfully to help develop agility, core conditioning, balance, flexibility and so much more. Start at any level. Never stop.